Goupiller Consulting

Demystifying Change & Sales Management

Manage change through 
Insight & Analytics

Change is the only true constant in the world.  Knowing how to efficiently manage chance greatly increases the chances of success.

Our mission is to help organizations navigate change to successful outcomes.  Using insight, multi-industry comparative studies, data, and process mapping  analysis we work to guide organizations through change.


Don't wait for change, book an appointment and see how you can manage it for success.

What sets us apart

We start by understanding your challenges, environment, and learn your procedures. You are unique and require unique solutions 

Adaptive Change

Change can only take hold if the environment where it will grow is receptive. We make sure that the implementation of new ideas and strategies graft to the organization to reduce the risk of rejection. 

Bespoke Strategy

Only by truly understanding oneself and your environment can one know how to change.   We believe learning the what, how, where, and why of your business is the most crucial stage. Only then can we create a unique strategy tailored to your DNA.

Comparative Consulting

Nature manages change through the mixing of DNA and seeing which one succeeds.  We believe that for a business that approach is the mixing of knowledge and practices from different industries and fields.  Innovation often comes from taking something from one place and adapting it to a new use.

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